Benefits Canada What's the Value of an EFAP Canadian employers face difficulty evaluating the impact of employee and family assistance programs (EFAPs) and many are unsure of how they advance their overall organizational objectives, finds a survey.
HRM Online Five ways to sell EAP to the bean counters "Sometimes organizations are short-sighted, they don't see the long-term costs which could include a number of things," Owner and President of EAP Surveys Warren Shepell said. Encouraging EAP use early can reduce absenteeism, drug costs and short or long term disability claims.
HRM Online Five ways to make the most out of your EAP One of the ways Warren Shepell proposes is to Conduct your own EAP research: Don't rely on EAP data provided by your EAP Provider alone. A simple anonymous survey of your employee's use of their EAP and their knowledge of what's available to them can be a powerful tool.
Benefits and Pensions Monitor Warren Shepell - The Growth of EAP Today's EAP Providers, now usually owned by large Corporations may offer lower priced EAP related products and only three sessions very often over telephone or through online counselling to increase their profits when effective mental health treatment should take 8 -10 sessions to make a difference. Read about Dr. Shepell on how he started EAPs in Canada and how he continues to champion EAPs and mental health treatment today.
Canadian HR Reporter Warren Shepell - A Video Interview A video interview with HR Reporter and Dr. Warren Shepell on fundamental reasons for an organization to conduct an EAP Audit - Fall, 2011
Benefits Canada Growing EAPs In Canada - Benefits Canada Shepell says his legacy is that the work he has done with EAPs has helped bring mental health into the mainstream.
Lifetime Achievement Award Warren Shepell - The heart behind a well workplace "I've always been driven to provide help to people who normally would not have it. I've always had a compassion for others and I still do."