EAP Specialist - Help your Company and HR Interface with and Manage your Existing EAP Provider and the EAP Services they are Delivering to you and your EMPLOYEES
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Help your Company and HR Interface with and Manage your Existing EAP Provider and the EAP Services they are Delivering to you and your EMPLOYEES

An EAP Service and an EAP Provider, Shrouded in Confidentiality is especially difficult to Manage

An EAP and EAP Provider can sometimes hide behind confidentiality and is reluctant to be transparent. Remember, the only information that needs to be kept confidential from you is the names of the users from your Company and the content of the discussions between the users and the counsellors in the counselling sessions.

However, confidentiality is brought up inappropriately as a wall as soon as serious questions are asked about the numbers of sessions delivered, the mode of counselling whether it is face-to-face, telephonic or on-line, number of dropped calls at the call-in center, the wait times for first sessions and the in-between sessions, the drop-out rates, ease and procedures available to employees for changing counsellors, follow-ups on referrals and EAP Provider real costs.

An EAP and EAP Provider says that it is staffed by Professionals and therefore, imply they know more than you

This is just not true – with effective coaching and management of your EAP Provider, you no longer need to take things they say at face value. You can ask penetrating questions and be assertive to obtaining complete and thorough answers to your questions. Remind yourself that your Company is paying for the EAP service – you deserve to get answers to all your questions and you and your employees deserve to get top-notch service from your EAP Provider.

It is generally challenging to confront professionals and your EAP Provider

You assume that the EAP Provider is putting their best foot forward – but are they? Are you aware that they are handling hundreds of other Companies and thousands of other users? Do not let your Company fall between the cracks.

Stay on top and in their awareness. Be coached and assisted in getting behind the curtain to see the whole picture. Make sure all your employees, who reach out to the EAP services you purchased and implemented, are getting attended to, are being helped, and are getting their problems successfully resolved. You want to ensure that your employees are seen in face-to-face sessions and not being coerced into telephonic or online counselling, your employees can change counsellors easily if they feel there is no match, that there are actually follow-ups and, ultimately, not a single employee who tried to access the EAP service is ever left in the lurch.

You want your psychotropic drug costs and your disability costs attributed to mental health and emotional issues to go down, not up.