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Evaluate your existing EAP Costing and SAVE on your EAP Costs Annually

What does your EAP Provider count as a case?
Is one user with multi-problems counted as only one case or as multiple cases opened for each problem? Is a re-user in the same year with the same problem counted as two cases or just one case since problem was not likely resolved in first place? Are former employees using the EAP and are counted as cases? How do you know what your EAP Provider is counting as a case?

Are all the services necessary and essential or some of them simply nice to have?
These additional services, such as legal counselling, nutritional counselling, childcare information, eldercare information are most likely being charged to you at the same cost as a face-to-face mental health case but yet are costing the EAP Provider less. All cases across services should not be charged the same since they are not costing your EAP Provider equally. The cost savings should be passed on you if you choose to provide these extra-services to your employees.

Are you being charged for usage or for actual cases?
Estimating usage has become tricky. Some EAP providers call a 10 minute telephonic information session or 20 minutes of on-line counselling or even accessing an article on the EAP’ Provider’s website as a usage. Are you being charged for in-person cases the same as telephone clinical treatment, on-line clinical treatment and information access as usage? If you are paying for usage, you may be paying too much. How do you know what your EAP Provider is counting in determining usage for your Company?

You may be able to address these items with your EAP Provider successfully, but if you need assistance in evaluating your EAP Costing, EAP Services as well as AUDITING your users and usage, I can consult with you on these matters.