Many Companies and their HR professional who interfaces with the EAP Provider do not feel comfortable to ask serious and penetrating questions of their EAP Provider. Questions about number of sessions per user, modes of counselling, dropped calls, drop-out rates, follow-up, and transparency in costing and even what constitutes a user should be on the table.

However, it is absolutely fair of you to ask for in-person representation and in-person account management from your EAP Provider. Furthermore, it is only fair that you ask detailed questions and get complete and thorough answers to you questions about EAP service delivery and costing.. Also, if you choose, it is fair to consult with an independent third party professional to consult with you on costing, management, interpreting the stat reports, conducting a numerical and/or service AUDIT, conducting an internal and independent survey of your employees use/non-use and experience with your existing EAP Provider and assist in your EAP renewal process.

Even though EAP Providers can hide behind confidentiality and they try to be shrouded in secrecy remember only the names of your Company users and the content of their discussions are kept confidential – all else should be an open book.