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Audit your EAP and EAP Provider

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Appointed as your third party, maintaining confidentiality I can cross-check your employee list with the list of users for which you were charged
Are you paying for only your employees and their immediate family members or are you also paying for strangers, neighbours and/or distant relatives, past employees and their families or perhaps even non-existent users?

Are there a high number of dropped calls and/or wait times?
You don't want situations where, when your employees call for help, they are put on hold for long wait-times or are put on hold for such a long time that your employees give up and hang up.

Are there long wait times for in-person counselling appointments- both first and subsequent sessions?
Your employees deserve to be seen when they are experiencing an emotional problem or series of emotional problems within 2 – 3 days and not 2 – 3 weeks. You are paying for them to be seen immediately and not down the road.
This is also true when clinicians book subsequent sessions. If the next session is 2 – 3 weeks or even a month later, your employee is not getting the problem addressed effectively. Employees who ask for help need it now rather than later.

Are new cases opened and/or are the Provider's clinicians being rewarded for opening up new cases for the same employee for each problem that is part and parcel of the whole problem that the employee is presenting?
Either way, you are paying more than you need to because as the number of cases goes up so does usage. Is this what you agreed to? Your usage charges go up appreciably for multiple cases opened for the same employee.

Is a new case opened up on the same employee and same problem if the employee re-accesses your EAP?
Your EAP costs go up because usage data is increased as cases are re-opened as a "new case". Besides, an effective clinician should have successfully addressed and counseled your employee in the first place. There should be no need for you to be recharged for this.

What is the percentage split between in-person clinical treatment and telephone and on-line treatment?
Are you being charged equally? You shouldn't be. The costs in providing in-person counselling versus telephone counselling versus on-line counselling are quite different. Also, do you want your employees to be seen in-person and live or simply being clinically treated over the telephone or on-line?

Are the clinical counsellors who treat your employees qualified and are they experienced and seasoned or just starting out? What is their workload? Do they understand workplace issues and the workplace milieu? If they are in independent practice, what priority do they put on requests from your EAP Provider versus their own clients?
You want your employees to be seen by qualified and experience clinicians – not just beginners. You want clinicians with credibility and experience. You want your employees to be seen by clinicians who are satisfied with their work and content with their employers. The clinicians' attitudes will be transferred to your employees. You want your employees to be seen by clinicians that understand and appreciate workplace demands and complexities. The last thing you want are clinicians counselling employees against you and your environment. You want more than less of your Provider's clinicians working exclusively for your Provider; otherwise any Provider can be equally good if they are all using the same clinicians. As well, if they are in independent practice you want your Provider to be given priority for your employees to be seen first rather than after their clients. The only way to assess all of these clinician factors is to meet with them at your random choice rather than the Provider's choice and to review their employment contracts. A third party EAP experienced clinician with a successful track record can do this best.

What are the EAP Provider clinical results? What is your EAP Provider's success rate? What are the soundness, accuracy, and appropriateness of the clinical treatment that your employees receive from your EAP Provider's clinicians?
Are your employees' problems handled to resolution or are they quickly referred out (and the problems handled by someone else over whom the Provider has no control)? Is the clinical assessment, treatment plan and follow-though to problem resolution completion evident? Are some of your employees' problems missed or dropped by the Provider's clinicians and your employees don't return to clinical treatment so problem resolution is not even given a chance? A third party EAP experienced clinician with a successful track record can randomly select your employee treatment files and clinical notes, while assuring confidentiality, to assess the soundness, accuracy and appropriateness of clinical treatment.