EAP Specialist - Assess and provide observations to your EAP Provider Usage Reports
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Assess and provide observations to your EAP Provider Usage/Date Reports
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Is the number of sessions per user reasonable, fair and clinically correct?
Frequently, clinical treatment, to be effective, takes eight or more sessions. Are you getting that?

Are there too many one and two sessions reported?
Usually one and two sessions indicate quick referral out (and once employees are referred out, the odds for continuing clinical treatment is significantly lowered), drop-outs (employees are dissatisfied with the clinician and don't return for the next session), high levels of telephone and on-line clinical treatment or poor clinical treatment

Is there a representative distribution of users over different employee groups and levels?
An effective EAP should be tapping into different employee groups and levels at a comparable representation. Statistics should be reported in percentages of users versus employee populations in the different categories and levels rather than just numbers so you can compare apples with apples. Emotional problems and mental health issues know no boundaries across employee groups or employee levels.

In usage/data reports, what is not reported is sometimes more important than what is reported. Make sure you are getting the usage/data report that you want rather than the one that is convenient for your EAP Provider.