Warren Shepell has a stellar reputation in the EAP profession and is at his best ensuring that the standards and values of EAP and mental health services are constantly maintained, enhanced and improved.

Warren Shepell first introduced EAPs to Companies and Organizations in 1979 as President of Warren Shepell – The EAP Professionals. He was recognized by Benefits Canada as being a pioneer in EAP and was given Benefits Canada's Silver Achievement Award. In 2002, The Benefits Industry in Canada recognized him as one of Three Wise Men for making mental health counselling and help available to millions of Canadians through their employers.

At Warren Shepell – The EAP Professionals he grew his company of three persons to over 460 full time and 1500 part time employees and provided EAP services to over 2,000 Companies and Organizations, serving four million employees and their families. In 2005, he sold Warren Shepell – The EAP Professionals and parted with the company at the time of the sale.

He obtained his Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania in 1974. Earlier, he obtained his M.A.Sc. from the University of Waterloo in Industrial Psychology in 1968. He began his university education at the University of Manitoba where he graduated with a B.A. in General Psychology in 1965. In the early years, he worked as a consulting psychologist at such firms as Stevenson & Kellogg, and CIBC prior to going into his own business.

Many people in the professional and business community continue to ask me if I am associated with Shepell-fgi or with Morneau. To clarify, I have not been personally part of my former EAP Company for the six years since it changed ownership nor have I ever been personally associated with Shepell-fgi or Morneau Sobeco, the owner of Shepell-fgi nor with Morneau Shepell, as they now are calling themselves. I do not provide EAP counselling services but, as my website emphasizes, I provide third party and independent EAP Audits and EAP Audit consultation to help companies and organizations assess and evaluate their existing EAPs and EAP Providers through EAP Specialist Inc.

He has now returned to the EAP field which has always been his love and enthusiasm as the key person and President of EAP Specialist Inc.