EAP Specialist - Dr. Warren Shepell
Warren Shepell

President of EAP Specialist Inc.

Consult with Warren Shepell, an independent third-party EAP professional, former EAP Provider and founder of EAP in Canada with 30 years of successful EAP experience to help your Company and the HR Department get the best counselling services from your existing EAP Provider for your employees. Ask the right questions in your EAP Provider meetings. Get thorough and correct answers. Consult with someone who knows EAP Services inside-out.

Consult with Warren Shepell to assist your Company and your HR Department to design, develop and conduct an objective EMPLOYEE EAP SURVEY/QUESTIONNAIRE to measure and understand your employees’ opinions, motivation and perceptions of the EAP you offer them. Obtain FIRST-HAND your own employees’ reactions and experiences of the EAP if they used it. I was once on the inside; I know what to look for. With us, your EAP USER SURVEY is conducted objectively by a third party and independent EAP professional not connected with any EAP Provider. Do not lean on your EAP Provider to do the Survey. Any EAP Survey results presented to you by them can be open to bias in the questions, the distribution, the collection and even the presentation of results.

EAP Providers were once owned by individuals who knew counselling first hand. Now most EAP Providers are large shareholder companies that are managed by non-professionals and are concerned with increasing profit and shareholder return. I can help you ensure that no corners are cut and you and your employees get full and complete service from your EAP Provider.

Call me with your concerns. I can consult on an hourly or a project basis.